Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Working on stuff ....

Just letting you all know I'm alive :-)

I'm participating in a mega kit called "Popsicle Paradise". There are 23 designers participating , including yours truly- and I am having a ball with it. I am trying desperately to get a rose in it somewhere.... anybody up for popsicle lace? LOL ( I can't design with out lace somewhere ...)

It goes public June 1st. I hope you like it. It will be perfect for all those summertime scrapping memories.

Wish me luck- I'm all a-twitter ! More pretties soon. Promise :-) Catt

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ribbon-edged Roses 1 PAPERS

I love roses....

There are 2 more ribbon papers in the download. I have a few more rose papers coming up.
I would be more chatty, but too hard to type. Keep your fingeres crossed for voice activation...

Download Ribbon-edged Rose 1 Papers HERE

Ribbon-edged roses 1

Just playing around with my new bows- couldn't resist adding an old fav- ribbon-edged paper- to the mix. More papers in the next post. Suggestions...?

Download Ribbon-edged Rose 1 mini kit HERE

Thursday, May 8, 2008

More Bows ...

Just a quick dash to send these out-

The rose bow in this group has been modified with a color change; the additional bows reflect it.

Chech it out !

Download Bouquet of Bows HERE

link renewed: 6/10/2009

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I've been busy ..... it's bow time !

Been gone for too long !

I've been busy, tho.....
Rainy from my Sweetz group made a comment about making bows, and I went on a month-long bow-making search and try- out binge. I've learned a LOT :-)

I want to preface this download with a note about this bow. I copied the style of this bow from an image I downloaded months ago on the net. (it had rainbow stripes) It wasn't from a scrap or designer site or a kit. I have easily put in 50 hours of work drawing, shading, outlining, refining, re-drawing, etc before I even made a bow other than my template. Imagine my shock when I saw an almost identical bow as a giveaway 2 weeks ago ! I guess I'm not the only one who thought it was a great style :-)

I almost didn't put it out, but I've made over 100 of them! (I had a creative fling with adjusting hue, saturation, color balance, you name it) and I want to share them, and what I've learned from making them.

It's made from selections.

So- here's the first of them.

Because of their net ancestry- PLEASE- NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY !!! :-)


Download Bouquet of Bows HERE

link renewed 6/10/2009