Monday, March 31, 2008

Boys & Girls Part3 Small Oval Frames

Here's a big view of these frames- the preview is a might small 'cause there's so many. Just frame happy, I guess ;-)

The rest oftheframes !

Boys & Girls Part 3 OVAL FRAMES

These are the bigger ovals. I wasn't sure just how wide to make them- feel free to use deform to make them suit your pics. The preview was pretty cluttered , so I just included part of the other frames. They are much hansomer up close :-) and co-ordinate nicely with the whole kit.

Small ovals next post !

Download HFS Boys & Girls Part3 Large Oval Frames HERE

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Boys & Girls Part 3 PAPERS

I have really enjoyed taking this kit to the limit- the black is such an accent. You'll find that this coordinates pretty well with parts 1 and 2 of Boys & Girls, but will also hold it's own.

I don't plan much out in advance, just "go with the flow", so I'm just as interested as you are in what's going to get posted :-) This is all pretty new for me. I have a feeling if I did more actual scrapping my designs would be different, so I guess you're stuck with my 'Let's try this" approach. I just don't have the energy to do much actual scrapping ( although I have 2 books in my head...) .... I'm not complaining ! I'm grateful to be able to do this much. Besides, when is there enough time and energy for ANY scrapper you ever met ? LOL

Here's the download link to Boys & Girls Part 3 PAPERS

Next post: frames

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Boys & Girls PART 3 PREVIEW

jUST A QUICK PREVIEW- oopps caps......

Next post will be the papers. I think this can stand alone as a mini kit, but it does co-ordinate with the other 2 parts of boys and girls. Have fun mixin' n' matchin'! More later :-)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Last of Part 2 Boys & Girls

Hi ! Here's the last of the Elements for this set. I had fun trying everything I wanted to try- hope I didn't bore you silly with pastels. :-)

The papers in these last few items are a few posts back if you want any of them.

Thank you for all your lovely comments ! Makes me feel great, and glad I had some folks to share with.

For those of you who asked me about the roses in my header, check my first kit Tea & Roses. Its still up. Go to the October posts in 2007

Download Boys & Girls Part 2 Elements HERE

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bonus Frame

Just .... couldn't.... stop ... making frames :-) So here's an extra!


Boys & GirlsFrames ...

Such fun making these ! They are the "fancy frames" of this kit. There are a few homey ones coming up, in this theme or in part 3, which has some floral and black prints.

This download has 12 frames total- hard to see, but there's blue and blue/green frames, and blue, pink, black, and floral rings for each. See my detail shot below- Thanks!

I'm very pleased that so many folks are enjoying my kits. It's my genuine pleasure to make them.
One blessing of MS- I get to play on my 'pewter lots :-) Gonna go soak up a cup of Earl Grey and contemplate tomorrow's post.

Download HFS Boys & Girls Part 2 FRAMES HERE

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Boys & Girls Papers

So much for the next day! Should have checked with my 'pewter before I made any promises!
Poor thing was so bogged down it took 3 days to finish up the papers. Well, here they are:

I re-did the preview, as I had the wrong papers in it. There's more in the download than shown here- just a few extras.

Download Boys & Girls Part 2 Papers HERE

Friday, March 7, 2008

Boys & Girls Heart Frame Series #3 Part 2 LACE

Here's the first of Part 2- some wide LACE to border your pages. Courtesy to the
Epheremeral Victorian for the lovely lace template.

There will be daily downloads for awhile, and at the end I'll offer all of Part 2 as a download-
so if you want to wait until it's all here..... Some folks just want parts of kits, others like to collect the whole thing, so I thought I'd try it this way.

Download Boys & Girls Part 2 LACE HERE

Boys & Girls Heart Frame Series#3 Part 2 Preview

This is a preview of part 2 of Boys & Girls. It's not everything, but you get the idea from this. I calld it "Boys & Girls" because it's mostly pink & blue, but it can be used any way that suits you. I'm going to do it in several downloads so it's not so long between posts.

The lace is next as soon as 4 shared is happy again :-)