Sunday, June 29, 2008

To Rose-

Thank you for your lovely comment ! I'd be happy to e-mail you. I updated my profile to include my e-mail, so you'll have to come back !

Thanks- Catt

Friday, June 27, 2008

Rose Accent Ribbons

Ha ! Guess who can't spell "resourse" ? Yours truly. LOL. Oh well...

Designer Resource here means you can use this as is or altered to make kits to give or sell, with credit in your TOU.


If you want to make your own style curly ribbons,
try my CU freebie here

Friday, June 20, 2008

Popsicle paradise wallpper

Hi everyone :-)

Just made this for my desktop- thought I'd share.


Download HERE

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I've been Tagged . . .seriously!

I done been tagged! ... again .. and again ... and yet again ! ! !

I am complemented, to say the least- now to respond.

First off, here are my worthy Taggers:

Monica at Simply Sensational Scraps



AND BY sHEILA drat caps ! whose info I have somehow lost :-( Please contact me )

Here's how this works:

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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Okay, here goes . . .

1. See tag links above - (go visit, even. Cool stuff there)

2. Facts:
-I use a PC, but secretly wish I had a MAC
-i HAVE 3 Cats, but only one is on speaking terms. The other two are snobs :-)
-I used to run a thrift store in the red-light district of Charelston, WVa
-I am a Greek Orthodox convert
-I dream vivid color dreams every night and mostly remember them and make everyone listen to them
-I have 17 years of experience working in battered womens' shelters

3. Tag 7 people: -(bwhaaa ha ha ha ...)

Sally at WingedHearts Ohio
Rainy at Sweetwrapz
Penny at Alliekat Creations
Nancy at Scrappy Cat Creations
Tammy at Scrapping with Tammy
Patty at SHA Scraps
Leaonna at Busy Scrappin

4. I'm off to let them know he he he

A plug for ADSDesigners

I'm a members of ADSDesigners ( Short for Aspiring DigiScrap Designers ), and I'm loving it !

Highly recommend it :-) if you're designing scrap stuff.

Check out Simply Sensational Scraps by fellow ADSD members Monica and Lorna. I thought their Popsicle Paradise kit was so very cute I just had to share it . They have other lovely things to share, too. Popsicle Paradise Preview:


I am so jazzed ! Over 3,000 total downloads! Wowsers !!!

Thanks for all the fabulous comments on Popsicle Paradise. You folks make it a pleasure to give things away :-)

Not sure what's next. Can't wait to find out :-) Catt

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Last of Popsicle Paradise

This has been very fun.! But I am pooped :-)

A HUGE HUG of appreciation to all of you who have taken the time to go to all the different downloads I ended up with. A better thank you I could not have. I look at every download as a thank you, 'cuz if you didn't like it, why get it?

And for those of you who blessed me with comments, they were the perfect dessert with my tea. I enjoyed them so much! If you ever want a reply, just leave a comment on my blog ( not 4 shared) . The blog comments come to my e-mail and I can answer you.


I have a confession to make- I have no idea what a linen tea mat is. But it sounded so elegant I had to use it. . . . . on my porch, having tea, surrounded by a tropical paradise sunrise, my linen tea mat arranged beautifully on my hand- made lace tablecloth.... Sigh :)

These borders are much nicer close up-they are 12" x 3". Just click on the pic to see a close up .My pewter just can't handle the full size papers.

Sorry for 2 links- big files.


download LINENS HERE

Popsicle Paradise Bows !

BOWS! These are my first 100% Catt bows. These below are hand-done, and te second was a scan. Very different lol

Download HERE

Popsicle Paradise Elements 2

Here ya go ! This is one download.

Bows next :-)

Download PP Elements 2 HERE

Popsicle Paradise Papers 2

Wooo hoooo ! I'm getting there. BOWS, LACE & GLASS ELEMENTS, AND BORDERS are left.Coming as soon as I can post !

Download Popsicle Paradise Papers 2 HERE

Popsicle Paradise Papers 1

Here's the first part of the papers. Again , it's one download.

You get my first lace ever! Popsicles, no less. I just got into it, I guess. Hope you can use it.

Download Popsicle Paradise Papers 1 HERE

Popsicle Paradise !

These are one down load-

I'm late getting this up- my hand simply gave out last night. THERE ARE SEVERAL MORE DOWNLOADS FROM ME. This is the first. You might want to check back at the end of your rounds to catch the rest. You wouldn't want to miss my popsicle lace, would you? LOL

Download Popsicle Paradise Elements 1 HERE

Here are the links to all the other designers in this wonderful collab kit: