Thursday, January 31, 2008

The rest of the papers...

I think these papers might make so easy quick pages. I have no idea why this is underlining. !?!

As usual, it took longer... but- here's the rest of the lace frames and papers. There are a few extra this and thats- thought you might as well have all of it :-)

Download ribbon-edged papers 2 HERE


Thanks as always. Look for another mini-kit in a few days. Bye! Catt

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lace frames

Here's a close up of the frames- in these, the laced is colored. The next set is ecru lace and the background is colored. These seem a little lighter to me. ? Compare with tomorrow's post.

I can't seem to get away from lace for long. Something about it just facinates me. There's just so much of it !!

I think I hoped to get a kit out of the frames and ribbon papers,but it just didn't go that way. Maybe it will sneak up on me.:-)

Just scroll down if you'd like the link for the ribbon paper the frames are previewed oN.

Your thank yous are very welcome, and all your comments enjoyed very much. It's nice to know what y'all like.

Enjoy! Catt

If you like these frames, get the download HERE

Just a little something . . .

Here's a big view of these papers. I'm not quite sure what to call them. I've made several-there's 6 in the download for today. Different flowered ones tomorrow.

I've been doodling around with all kinds of heart frames- I have some more coming in the "Sweetheart" style I did in the mini kit.

In the meantime
, these next few frames and papers in this and the next few posts just 'appeared'- so, whatcha gonna do?

Download Ribbon-edged papers HERE

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Heart Frame Mini Kit

Welcome back ! Been having way too much fun making the template for this frame. I'm going to try some mini kits with different frame variations. Here's the first one. I wasn't planning on red & green, but....

I'm sorry I can't write more (yet) but soon I'll have my voice-activated stuff and then - look out !

Hugs and deep appreciation for your comments- they make my day brighter :-)

Download for you :HERE

Monday, January 14, 2008

Been busy .....

Howdy, folks! Been running around lately, which is quite new for me. I've been house-bound for a couple of years, but thanks to a new power chair and the most amazing gift of a wheel-chair accesible van, I'm styling now !:-) I actually went to the Mall and took my daughter shopping. Whee-haa! Shoot, I've been to church 3 Sundays in a row, which beats the 4 times I made for the whole last year.

Needless to say, I've been excited, and distracted. It's fun, but I missed the sanity of my quiet time with the 'puter. Found some bows to share, so here they are:

Download is in 2 parts: Here & Here. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


For those who don't want to make their own flowers, here's a few I made. There's 3 new papers, just because the stripes got me :-)

Download Flowers


This whole kit has been a trial and error thing for me; all of this is new. I messed around with various ribbon styles and decided to just give them all to you!

Download Almost Christmas Ribbons HERE


Somehow I left out elements (a green candle, red & green ribbons), so get them here

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Almost Christmas Part Six

Almost Christmas is almost over! I'll be putting out the rest of the kit this week, and then it's on to the new year :-)

I'm very new to this designing stuff, but I'm really enjoying it. I guess you all get to come along for the ride as I learn how to do this. For example, the flowers below. I got started and I couldn't stop! By the time I'd made 50 + flowers I sadly realized that I could not anticipate every design combo a scrapper might want. The RESULT: this kit. Mix and match to your hearts content.

*** A TIP: if you have a clear glass preset in Eye-Candy or SBPro, try flood filling a template with a gradient and use the pre-set. ***

Next post will have some flowers I made for this kit and some other goodies if you don't want to assemble any.

Download flower kit HERE