Tuesday, September 30, 2008

CU Ruffled Ribbons

Here you go, folks !

Use any way you like- be creative. You can add textures easily. If you have psp or something that lets you adjust layers, try using the greyscale ribbon as an overlay on a pattern layer.


More ALL FALL coming in next post :-)

Monday, September 29, 2008

All Fall Ruffled Ribbons

Coordinating ribbons in solid colors (the dpts are background papers )

Since these are all my design, the CU version of the ribbon is offered NEXT POST.

Sometimes I use random images fron the net in my freebie kits. I don't make the items that include any images of that type CU because of copyright issues. But when it's all mine, it's all yours ! ( For example, the fabric patterns used in quilt #2 are from fabric previews, so I keep that PU and DR only) That's why my kits have very individual TOUs, so be sure and check them .

OK! Download All Fall Ruffled Ribbons HERE

All Fall Papers 2

Just had to have some blue for those last Indian summer days of fall.

This is quilt #2- I think it's my favorite of the bunch. It pre-empted my usual plaid, but they'll sneak in I'm sure.

Download All Fall Papers 2 HERE

A few ribbons and such next post- huggers- Catt

All Fall Papers 1

Finally ! I posted something on this kit. Yay!

I had a major attack of 'designer's remorse' and redid all the papers. I corrected the sizing and fussed with the quilts forever. Now that I'm happy with it, it's all yours :-) .

There are 3 quilts to this kit, and the papers are arranged with each one. This is the first. They all co-ordinate, though.

I'm not much for halloween stuff, so the themes are fall leaves, harvest, and Thanksgiving. I do have a Jack'o'latern...

Download ALL FALL PAPERS 1 here

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ALL FALL Preview - last 2 Curliy Ribbons

Here's the last 2 of my CU - they are entirely yours :-)

Download CU 3 HERE

Download CU 4 here

Below is a preview of my ALL FALL kit. This may not be exactly what there will be ( there will be lots more-) just to give you an idea.

I'm beginning to use a few purchased CU items in my kits ( Thank you, thank you! to all my generous donors ) to round them out. It feels like cheating - but on the other hand, I'm thrilled to be able to buy from some awesome designers. I learn so much by studying their stuff- then I make more of my own stuff :-) We all win !

Downloads begin next post.

Thank you so much for all your comments- I still feel that a download in itself is a thank you-and I get huge enjoyment from your shared thoughts, too.

Hugs and God bless- Catt

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cool Summer Nights ELEMENTS

Well, this turned out differently than I expected. In some ways, perhaps, better :-)

Have been struggling with MS stuff, so have been slower than I'd like. Designing has been a real pleasure, tho. I have enjoyed your comments hugely, and appreciated hearing what you liked. I often read your comments, and then have fresh energy to mess around. Thank you !

I have a few autumny things coming up- then I will probably have a last summer rose and lace moment. LOL Each season has it's own glory that we cam frame our memories in..


Lordy, I'm gettin' smarmy.

Download Cool Summer Nights Elements HERE

Have fun !!! Catt

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Curly ribbon 2

Here's another ribbom- same terms-it's all yours !

Download CR2 HERE

Coll Summer Nights TAGS

These are mostly experiments, but I just decided to put out what I had. I could play for another week!