Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Rest of Home Baked Traditions

I am having the best day. :-0)

And I am so enjoying it. You know- the kind where there's enough oxygen for your brain, the colors are brighter, you actually say the thing you wished you'd said-

the kind where you remember your name ?

That kind of day. Woo hoo - party time for Catt LOL

On that cheery note, here's the rest of Home Baked Traditions. I think I'm rather pleased with the results, and I hope you are, too.

There are a few new elements altogether; the rest are different colors for the bear, cat, ribbons and bows. Oh- an extra paper and the gingham mats.


I think the clip art additions are poular if the download rate is any indication.
They are from

Digi Scrap Kits - Primitive Country Graphics

and they're having an amazing sale to help raise money to save Trina's house.

Check it out!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trying Something New !

I've added some clip art. I was thinking it would be nice to do a little something new...

so, what do you think?

This is part one of elements- variations on these and new ones next. Not everything is shown. And a CU embroidered ribbon....coming up!

Happiness is having more to post :-)

Download HBT Elements HERE

Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Part ofHome Baked Traditions

I have to LOL- somehow I turned my settings to 'Hindi'- so if you noticed any funny squiggles in my last post, mystery solved !

You can get the papers HERE

I don't have a whole kit preview as I'm re-working it a bit as I go along.

I've been doing the monthly challenges at the Yahoo group Scrap Kit Challenge. This kit is based on my October challenge results. Cards and QPs made from the group kits are sold HERE

Thanks for so many encouraging and kind comments. 4 shared has made it complicated to leave comments. If you want to leave a comment on blogger ( which makes my e-mail a happy event :-) ) just click on the word 'comment' at the bottom of this post.

Y'all are great ! It's a pleasure to share things with you- Hugggers- Catt