Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A plug for ADSDesigners

I'm a members of ADSDesigners ( Short for Aspiring DigiScrap Designers ), and I'm loving it !

Highly recommend it :-) if you're designing scrap stuff.

Check out Simply Sensational Scraps by fellow ADSD members Monica and Lorna. I thought their Popsicle Paradise kit was so very cute I just had to share it . They have other lovely things to share, too. Popsicle Paradise Preview:


I am so jazzed ! Over 3,000 total downloads! Wowsers !!!

Thanks for all the fabulous comments on Popsicle Paradise. You folks make it a pleasure to give things away :-)

Not sure what's next. Can't wait to find out :-) Catt


  1. Thank you Catt for this lovely animal-kit

  2. love your kits and thank you for them


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