Sunday, November 18, 2007

Never say never....

Never say " I won't do that !" cuz then by gol you'll just go right ahead and do that very thing. Shook my head sadly when I saw someone retract an image and apologise, thinking "I would never do that. Poor soul (translate = you idiot) must have lost it..." HA! Come on in to the welcome party for the newest idiot- yours truly ! LOL

WHO KNEW? Scrapping is good for the soul- humbles you right down.

The great part is that I wanted a teapot for my papers for this kit, so I just had to make one. Here's the resulting paper, with a little plaid for company:

I have added these 2 papers to the paper pack2 download, so if your just now getting this kit they will already be in there (scroll down)

If you have the old kit, get these 2 papers here

Thanks everyone for watching my back- Huggers!!! Catt


  1. Catt - I just read your personal info - I cannot believe that you have MS and can produce such a detailed beautiful kit as this. You should be very proud of yourself! I have lupus and I am a new digi scrapper and I am struggling to learn how to USE PSE, so I am I amazed that you can CREATE this wonderful stuff! You are amazing! Many hugs!!
    Nancy P

  2. I have just found your blog and I just wanted to say how inspired I am by you and all that you do. I have just snagged a lot of Tea & Roses kit and absolutely adore it. Going to come back tomorrow for another looky at the wonderful things you make.

    Big Hugs, Keryn


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